Mar 2012 29

“One of the truly great Catholic documentaries. Yet it does not appeal to Catholics alone, and one doesn’t have to be a Catholic to see and understand it.” Catholic News Agency

“NINE DAYS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD is a very timely, must-see, inspiring documentary about Pope John Paul II’s historic, world-changing nine-day pilgrimage to Poland in June 1979.” MOVIEGUIDE

“It made me cry. It strengthened my faith. It reminded me of what is possible. ” THE AMERICANO

“Some Polish old timers often say that Poland lost World War II twice, the first time to the Nazis in 1939 and the second time to the Communists in 1945. Tuesday night I was invited to see a screening of a powerful new documentary film called “Nine Days That Changed the World”.

 It is the best documentary of its kind I have ever seen.”  MARK RHOADS, ILLINOIS REVIEW

“Expertly woven by director Kevin Knoblock into a smooth and compelling narrative.” ELIZABETH LEV, ZENIT

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